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ESE blog January in Maribor (and around) January marked the end of our ESC project. The time to hug goodbye eventually came, but not before we attended new exhibitions, enjoyed the snow and the woods, visited Zagreb, and drank a few more Staropramen in Living Room. I will be forever grateful for all the great […]

ESE blog How to: Celebrate, Survive Quarantine and Conclude the Year »in Style« December started with an office party where we celebrated Noemie’s birthday. The office was decorated in pink glittery ornaments to match the birthday girl’s dress. There was some choreographed dancing, karaoke singing, balloon popping and even the mysterious disappearance of a hacky […]

ESE blog Življenje v severnem delu Italije Ura je 6:30 ko odprem zunanje zaklopke na oknih, da posije sonce in segreje notranjost hiše, v kateri bivam od februarja. Včasih se ne zavedam, kako hitro mineva čas, a pridejo trenutki kot je ta, ko se zavem, da se bliža zima, kar pa posledično pomeni tudi začetek […]

ESE blog November in Maribor (and Italy) Another month has passed, leaving us just two more months to spend in Slovenia. November has been great. In the beginning, I travelled back to Bologna to -FINALLY- defend my master's thesis. I spent two days with my family and my boyfriend in the city which was my […]

ESE blog Trick or treat? Here comes the spooky season… Even though it's still 20°, it's fall season and with it come walks in the forest, orange sunsets and cozy weekends. We celebrated the last days of StopTrik, Silvia and I moved to a new flat with a majestic cat and partied with some other […]

ESE blog How to: Remember the Eventful September In September, after coming back from vacation in Bosnia, we continued working in the gallery as usual. The renovations for the new space on Trg Revolucije 9 (official name still pending) were done, and we started cleaning the space and preparing it for the upcoming event – […]

ESC blog August = holidays August meant holidays. Holidays for me meant a return to my homeland, where my pets, my friends, and my family always await me. And so it was for Lazar and Noemie, who also returned to their countries for joining exciting weddings and parties and to reunite with their cute & […]

ESC blog Hot summer nights mid-July … Hot summer nights mid-July when you and I were forever wild. As Lana Del Rey said, July was hot so we spent our time traveling around Slovenia and Croatia to cool off in the water. We discovered some lakes, enjoyed the seaside (not the mosquitos though) and admired […]

ESE blog Prostovoljstvo v Nemčiji Sem Maja in letošnje leto kot evropska prostovoljka preživljam v čudovitem Črnem gozdu v Nemčiji. Organizacija, ki me je sprejela je svobodna šola v majhni vasi sredi čudovite narave. Moje naloge v projektu so vezane na pomoč in podporo otrokom in učnim spremljevalkam_cem. Projekt traja 10 mesecev, saj je neposredno […]

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