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ESE blog March Moments in Maribor March was a special month because of spring, and it became even more remarkable in Maribor. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and outside is getting warmer. My March started with visiting “Spekter 70 Years of the UGM Collection”. I found it interesting and entertaining. Next days I spent […]

ESE blog Zelo nice march Hi everyone! I hope you had zelo good month as I did. To start this blog, I wanted to emphasize how much I started to love the slovenian word “zelo”. In my opinion, this word is perfect to describe everything that happened to me this month, which was zelo nice […]

ESE blog February Chronicles: Volunteering, and Spreading Joy I'd share what's been going on this February. I made posters and invitations and handed them out all over town. I was really excited for our first meeting of “Peach Tea Film Club“. This month we had our first two meetings. First meeting was quite alright but […]

ESE blog Sunny forecast February flew away! I feel bad at the moments that this month seemed like it finished before it started. If I could describe this month in a few words, it would be depression, rain, binge watching and cooking, But on the other hand, we also had some fun moments in Maribor. […]

ESE blog Chronicle of a snowy January January was relatively a slow month. With new years I'm almost finishing the first half of this project. Lemme talk about my January. Attending the office meetings, planning the activities for Dom Antona Skale, and much more. I finally visited Graz and I really enjoyed the architecture. I […]

ESE blog Bye snow, hello sunshine! First month of 2024 in Slovenia has already passed! Time flies, and I can not believe that already half of my ESC time here has passed. The thing that excites me the most is the weather that keeps getting warmer and warmer. At least we got some snow in […]

ESE blog MESSAGES FOR FUTURE ESC VOLUNTEERS AND THOSE WHO FEEL THAT WAY Invitation to shoot a documentary film about loneliness Today I will write to you about my ESC project! While volunteering at the host organization, you have the opportunity to work on your own project related to society and solidarity. My need for […]

ESE blog December Chronicles; Volunteering, and Spreading Joy I'd share what's been going on this December. I spent the afternoon at Slovene class, learning the language and having a good time. And we had the last class this month. Visited a high school dorm to talk about the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). We were presenting […]

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