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Today I will write to you about the premiere of the film Loneliness on Sunday.

In previous blogs I told you about the film I am shooting and that it is my personal project that I am doing as part of ESC volunteering.The premiere took place on May 24 in Pekarne Park. It was really beautiful and emotional. A lot of people came and ESC volunteers whom I met in Slovenia. It was really wonderful that we got together and that we shared such an important moment for me as well as the people who participated in the film. As I said before it was really wonderful and I am really grateful for the opportunity I was given to make this film and I am grateful to the people who decided to be a part of the film and share their story of loneliness. If you are one of the ESC volunteers, my advice is to try to do your own personal project. Of course, it will be difficult, but it will also be wonderful, and in the end you will be proud of that work.

In the following I will share with you something more about the film and of course photos from the event!

About the movie

This short experimental-documentary was made out of my personal desire to understand all the feelings we experience in a state of loneliness and the need to explore why this topic is taboo in society. Through my previous experiences I have often come into contact with people who have felt lonely. Whether they were older or younger, facing social isolation, or people who had moved to a new environment, they all had a common experience - loneliness. I realised that it is very present in our society and that we need to talk about it. The film does not deal with statistics and does not offer any solutions to loneliness. The content and the visual identity of the film try to encourage people to actively listen to and understand the actors in the film. It features ESE volunteers and people of different generations living in Slovenia who, when asked to participate, decided to share their stories.

Writer and director - Jasmina Ibrahimović

Editing - Jasmin Avdić, Jasmina Ibrahimović

Sound Designer - Jasmin Avdić

Camera - Jasmina Ibrahimović, Andrea Lukić, Jasmin Avdić

JasminaJasmina IbrahimovićIbrahimović
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