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I will dedicate this blog to some creative workshops that I attended on my trip called ESC volunteerism.

This month I will write about the animated film workshop. I had the opportunity to attend an animated film workshop with Kaja Balog in Leon Vidmar. The workshop consisted of two parts. The first part is learning how to write scripts and it lasted two days. The workshop consisted of two parts. At that workshop we learned some basics about script writing and our task was to write our own. First, we started from a basic idea, and then we just had to make a real screenplay out of it. I made a script for a short film that is happening in the cinema.

After that, we had to animate that scenario and make our own film.

In the second part, we learned about the animation technique itself and we had to create characters from our scenarios.

It was a really wonderful experience and I learned a lot about the process of creating an animated film. So I decided that I would definitely continue making animated films. I worked a lot in the workshop but also at home in order to finish the film. I finished editing and audio after the workshops.

The animation process is really long and it takes a lot of time to make a whole movie, but that's the beauty of animation.Now I have my first animated film and I am really happy and grateful for the opportunity to participate in this workshop.

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