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Zelo nice march

Hi everyone! I hope you had zelo good month as I did. To start this blog, I wanted to emphasize how much I started to love the slovenian word “zelo”. In my opinion, this word is perfect to describe everything that happened to me this month, which was zelo nice after all the zelo clumsy moments I had.

I would like to start with my hair bleaching; to give you a backstory, I was bleaching my hair a few times already, but this time my hair ended up zelo messed up with a purple toner. At the end, I had to bleach it again so I wouldn't stay purple, so I almost left hairless, which was zelo scary, but I was zelo fine at the end. For me the zelo best part of this month is the weather, which is getting better and better, so I managed to find time to go inline skating around Maribor. The skating was zelo good but ended up zelo scary when I almost lost one of my wheels when I was speeding down the rough terrain. I still find the time to cook some stuff for myself and I love to do it, so I decided to bake some cookies. They ended up looking like one big blob of dough in the oven, but at the end they were zelo tasty even though they were looking zelo ugly. But the most zelo clumsy times I had this month were with the coffee machine which still gave me cups even though it says on the machine that it encourages you to put your own reusable cup. So I ended zelo messing up my coffee every time I wanted to pour it in my reusable cup

So i guess the moral of this zelo clumsy story is that no matter how clumsy or bad my month has been, I still enjoy zelo warm and happy times with people in zelo beautiful Maribor. Have a zelo good month!

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