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Today I would like to write to you about a great festival that you can visit in Ljubljana. If you are in Slovenia during February, then you must go to the Ment music festival. The festival offers the opportunity to meet new bands or artists of various musical genres, and of course if you happen to have one of your favorite bands or artists playing, that's even better. In the following, I will tell you a little more about Ment, and you should definitely look it up on the for detailed information.

MENT Ljubljana is one of the leading showcase festivals and music conferences in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest event of its kind in the region. It is an award-winning festival of music discoveries, facilitating, in symbiosis with the conference, the presentation of music performers from all over Europe in front of international music professionals and audiences. At the last edition (February 2024), 88 artists from 23 countries performed across four days on 16 stages around Ljubljana, ranging from independent rock, pop, electronica and folk rock to hip-hop and DJ shows. The events of the tenth edition were attended by 7,000 visitors, the majority of whom were local, though many also came from abroad, mainly from nearby countries – Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Italy.


Last blog I wrote to you about the idea of shooting a film and shared with you the event for participating in the shooting of a film about loneliness.This month, interviews were held with all the people who signed up to shoot a film about loneliness.

It was really wonderful and inspiring to talk with people who decided to share their feelings on this topic. I'm really grateful for the possibility that I could talk and share various thoughts and feelings with all the people who came. Film is currently being edited and the premiere can be expected in May this year.

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