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February Chronicles: Volunteering, and Spreading Joy

I'd share what's been going on this February. I made posters and invitations and handed them out all over town. I was really excited for our first meeting of “Peach Tea Film Club“. This month we had our first two meetings. First meeting was quite alright but I think the second meeting was better than the first one because people were getting comfortable and friendlier.

One of the other highlights of my month was spending time at Dom Antona Skale. I had a ton of fun hanging out with kids. We played games and even made pretend pizzas together.

Preparing a guided walk for art students was a pleasant experience. We showed them our favorite places in Maribor that they can enjoy as much as we do too.

I went to an art gallery to see an exhibition called Spekter. It was so cool to see all the different artworks and talk about them with others. February was an amazing month filled with new experiences and connections. I can't wait to see what other months will bring!

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