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This month was really good. I had my exhibition opened, closed and had a print workshop all in the same month. I had an exhibition called “Bond and symptoms” in OBRAT – space for art and participation, where I presented what I learned and made with gel printing technique, which I shared with everyone in the printmaking workshop that followed.

I had a lot of good times with my friends too. They also had a blast with their own movie screenings and puppet shows, so all in all we all had some form of small victories this month which makes me really proud. My friend Zoe from Osijek made puppets that were used at the Puppet Theatre in Maribor, and my friend Aleksandar had his movie “Zdenka's stairs” screened at a movie festival nearby Ljubljana. Also, my friend Jasnima had her movie “Lonliness on Sunday ” premiered at Pekarna, and we all had really good time.

This month we also had a volunteering week festival where we had good events, but for me the most important one was the exhibition opening in the Faculty of Arts in Maribor, where the PMM crew exhibited photos of events that are happening in Gaza. I don't know if it's gonna influence some people or not, but the thing I like about Slovenia is that people here take much more care about the rest of the world.

This month i also had an opportunity to go twice to my hometown to attend two of some kind of religious events in my family, but I couldn't care less about that, for me it was really good to see all of them on one pile once again, which is a rare scene in my family because we all live far away. And also to drive a car, finally. All in all, this month was a blessing.

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