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We have officially reached the end of this journey.

Ten months is not a little, but it is not a lot when I take all my life into consideration. There were a lot of projects and events in which I participated. Some of them were quite a challenge. It was hard at times, but it was worth it in the end. This experience helped me a lot in my personal growth and changed me into a new person. I met many amazing people, made new friends, and of course, I had a great time, sharing all the best moments with people from Pekarna Magdalenske mreže. Some of the projects I did here helped me get the opportunity to develop further. I really gained a lot of new skills that I can use later in life. I developed my organizational and communication skills. New recording and editing skills. I am very grateful for the opportunity to make my own film.

The nature of Slovenia is truly admirable! Traveling in Slovenia is easy and difficult at the same time. Easy, because it’s a very small country, all the places to visit are not very far away, there is no need to take an extra holiday, the trip can be carried out on the weekend. And it’s difficult because the public transport network isn’t very well developed, if you don’t drive a car you have to find someone who does.

If any of you come to Maribor, you must visit these places


Čajnica pri parku

Rijeka Drava


Pekarna Magdalenske mreže

If you come to Slovenia, you must visit

Kranjska gora, Kamniško sedlo, Piran, Koper, Velika planina, Logarska dolina, Dolina Soče , Ptuj, Bled, Bohinjsko jezero, Ljubljana, Pohorje  and  many others.

I leave Maribor knowing that I have met new people and a new Jaca

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