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Invitation to shoot a documentary film about loneliness

Today I will write to you about my ESC project!

While volunteering at the host organization, you have the opportunity to work on your own project related to society and solidarity. My need for a project as well as what I want and how I want to work was conceived at the ESC online training in Zreče. Through conversations with other volunteers, I realized that people often feel lonely and that they never had the opportunity to talk about it. I decided to propose the idea of recording our conversations on that topic and see how it develops. We really had a very wonderful and warm conversation and we concluded that we all feel the same but we don't share our feelings. I decided that I will continue making films and that I will try to include as many people of different generations as possible to share their story on this topic. The goal of the film is to really hear all those stories and share that moment together. Below I will share photos of the shots that will be in the film.

An invitation to participate in the film is currently published. You can find information about the call on lthe link below., or if you want to participate, you can contact this email

The film is experimental and the premiere is expected in May this year.

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