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Sunny forecast

February flew away! I feel bad at the moments that this month seemed like it finished before it started. If I could describe this month in a few words, it would be depression, rain, binge watching and cooking, But on the other hand, we also had some fun moments in Maribor. We had good times making pizza at Dom Antona Skale, as well as a few other workshops that we did with them (pizza ended up delicious!).

I Had moments where I was hidden in my kitchen and cooked a lot, like some old lady, but at the end of the day I ate a lot of healthy foods. At some point I started to experiment with vegan food a little bit, not because I don’t want to eat meat, but because I wanted to play around with the things I never tried to cook. On the other hand, I made TONS of pancakes this month. It took me a lot of time but in the end I was a little bit happier. love goes through the stomach, I guess. Speaking of love, Valentine day was pure hardcore depression. I guess that's because I stopped drinking alcohol. I stopped partying too, but on the other hand, I have wonderful friends in Maribor that always shine and manage to find a way to make my day fabulous.

The thing that excites me the most is the weather that is getting warmer each day; I hope I will be able to go rollerblading as soon as possible and I already made some plans to beat the 40 km goal (minimum) around Maribor next month. I miss the long and warm days and can't wait to put my jacket in the closet for good! I Get so warm thinking about outdoor events and spending time in nature. It is so weird when I think about sunny days; it makes me want to rent a car and drive around rural areas in Slovenia.

In the end, I could describe this month as full of wishes and manifestations. Doing things that we love is crucial for our mental health, so I promised myself to do some simple but good things that I miss that will make me feel good and energized. I sincerely hope that next month here I will talk about impulsive field trips, rides, parties, nature; calmer and wilder times.

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