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Chronicle of a snowy January

January was relatively a slow month. With new years I'm almost finishing the first half of this project.

Lemme talk about my January. Attending the office meetings, planning the activities for Dom Antona Skale, and much more.

I finally visited Graz and I really enjoyed the architecture. I would really recommend stopping by “the opera house”, “Uhrturm” and “Murinsel”. As always I visited the library as i do in every city I visit. Rest was just wandering around the city, stopping by the shops we don't have in Maribor and sitting at cute cafes and watching the locals.

Middle of the month, Maribor was filled with snow all around. It was full of really snowy and cozy looking views around Maribor. I tried to make a snowman but it was more like a snow puppy.

Getting close to the end of the month I was working on my project “Peach Tea Film Club”. Preparing the event details, choosing films we will be discussing and designing the poster and invitations with lots of help:). We can say, my January was quite good. See you next month! Bye:)

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