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Bye snow, hello sunshine!

First month of 2024 in Slovenia has already passed! Time flies, and I can not believe that already half of my ESC time here has passed. The thing that excites me the most is the weather that keeps getting warmer and warmer.

At least we got some snow in January so it wasn’t cold for nothing. It didn’t last long tho, but it didn’t stop my friend Güneʂ to make a snowman! We also got some good idyllic scenery in Maribor that I found calming and nice. I love that the city changes its look through the year, which makes it even more special.

Recently I got to experience the warm weather and explore. I walked by the Drava river and got to discover amazing places and nature that Maribor offers not that far from the city center. I realized that I missed a lot because of the poor winter weather that we got. On the other hand, that makes me happy because I get to experience new paths and ways through nature that I didn't get to explore. I am also extremely excited that I will soon be able to roller skate again! I already found some long distances that are good for skating, so as long as I get the good weather, I will get the good vibes and a lot of exercise!

In the middle of the month, I got the chance to go and visit Ljubljana - my main focus was to go through the 35th Ljubljana biennale of graphic arts exhibitions which was happening in 8 different locations! I found Cukrarna gallery the best because it had a lot of pieces exhibited there, but I also really liked the MGLC Grad Tivoli which for me had the most interesting pieces. I had a great time and I am thankful that the PMM crew gifted me the ticket for the exhibition.

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