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Last month of 2023 in Maribor

Hi everyone. Happy new year! This time we had a few things on our hands that were fun to do. We had a presentation again about our ESC program and experience in student dorms. I liked the treasure hunt workshop that we made with PUM students. I had fun being creative and making interactive map for the workshop on workers rights and workers movement. We also had a lot of fun and creative time while making the Christmas cards for the Dom Danice Vogrinec, which is the biggest retirement home in Slovenia. I visited a few exhibitions in Maribor: Jokati je okej, which was in UGM gallery and Mladen Stropnik performance in UGM Studio. I also visited an exhibition in Studio Habitat, which was a nice experience. I managed to get to my hometown to visit my family, right before the exhibition opening in Obrat, but I still managed to take a closer look at the exhibition later. “Hša: med otokom in arhivom” is an exhibition opened in Obrat gallery, which is the part of the Guest room Maribor program; there is six artists that exhibit their work, so i recommend everyone to visit while it’s still up! Also, we had a good time in Ptuj where we visited the old town. The town has its charm, so I recommend everyone to visit on a sunny weekend. In the meantime of these lovely events, I spent my free time drawing and revisiting charcoal which I haven't used since my student days! Nevertheless, I also managed to get sick. Since COVID is still around, I got tested but luckily got negative test results. Stay safe and be healthy!

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