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December Chronicles; Volunteering, and Spreading Joy

I'd share what's been going on this December. I spent the afternoon at Slovene class, learning the language and having a good time. And we had the last class this month. Visited a high school dorm to talk about the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). We were presenting how they can move abroad and do volunteer work. It's all about spreading the word and getting young minds excited about making a difference. Switched gears to Christmas mode. I do not celebrate Christmas but it was fun to spend the day making cards for a retirement home. I visited Ptuj, it was really nice and a little cold.

Last week of December mostly we were in holiday mood. We went for a movie, we baked “Krompiruša”:) and watched fireworks on New Years Eve. One of the things I enjoyed most this month was crotchetting a Palestinian flag for our handmade doll in the office. Wearing the Yugoslav army uniform and the Palestinian flag, which I made:), it became a symbol of unity for our new years wishes.

So, that's been my December – full of learning, volunteering, and having fun with others!

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