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On-arrival training

We have come to the third blog and I hope you find it useful. Now I will write to you about an event that is important for volunteers, and that is On-arrival training. Our training took place in November in the thermal baths of Zreče. It sounds relaxing, but not too fast.

I want to say that you will have time to relax, but mostly we have a lot of workshops and work in groups. My experience was really positive and I managed to meet wonderful people and start working on some projects. So I'm talking about the workshop and projects and not so much about the thermal baths and the pool. The training lasts five days and every day you have workshops on specific topics and tasks. Evening hours are mostly free and you can use that time for rest or socializing. It is up to you to decide what you want to do! Zreče is a really wonderful little place with really beautiful nature, so I suggest a really nice walk or morning run!

The content of the workshops is not that demanding and really if you don't like doing something , you can tell the trainers or just sit aside.

I think it is important that you come with a positive will and the attitude that you want to learn and of course socialize with people. But it's natural that you can't spend time with everyone or do something together. Of course, not all people will suit you, but that's really normal and natural.

I had a wonderful experience doing a personal project with a group and I want to tell you to keep an open mind and try to listen to everyone and find the best solution. It sometimes sounds like a cliché and something that is very easy, but I think it is a really big challenge. That's why you should focus on the path to the goal and not the goal itself. The food was excellent and the view from the accommodation was really wonderful. Below my window was a lake surrounded by forest. The conclusion of the whole blog is that you need to open up to the world in order for the world to open up to you, be brave and put your ego aside, only then you can do it. And when you are surrounded by a large group, it is a great temptation and an opportunity to work!

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