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Another Eventful Month in Maribor

November has been a month filled with heartwarming connections, and a whole lot of community work. Week begins with our meetings. These meetings are a collaborative space where ideas are shared, plans are made, and a sense of unity is built among volunteers. At the same time, I was helping to set up a new exhibition at Obrat Art Gallery. And the next couple days we were in Gustaf, attending “Forward on Urban Youth Volunteering”. I met a bunch of lovely people and learned about their project.

The grievous part of the month brought opportunities to lend our voice to global causes. Joining the Palestine protest was an act of solidarity, a way to stand up for justice.

The month concluded with my participation in a conference into the complexities of the colonization and liberation of Palestine. It was a chance to broaden my perspectives and contribute to a collective understanding of global issues. We helped with this event by preparing canapés and the space.

I finished this month by attending On-Arrival Training at Zrece. It's been a full month of events, new people and exciting projects. See you next month!

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