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October in Maribor: A Month of Volunteering, Learning, and Architectural Delights

October has always been a special month because of autumn, and it became even more remarkable as volunteering at Pekarna Magdalenske mreže in Maribor. The leaves turn golden and the city's vibrant culture comes alive.

My days were filled with attending our meetings, presenting our organization at local high schools and university events, and attending Slovene language classes. At our weekly meetings, we discussed ongoing projects, set goals, and planned activities.

One of the highlights of October was presenting our organization at local high schools and university events. Speaking to young students was an incredibly rewarding experience.

In my free time, I frequented the city's parks, and enjoyed the changing autumn colors. The University library, with a big collection of books, caught my attention very quickly. I spent hours turning the pages of design and architecture books. The library was a sanctuary for learning and creativity.

My month as a volunteer in Maribor, Slovenia, was a quiet experience. From attending meetings to presenting at schools, I felt a strong connection to the community and the important work of the NGO. The beauty of Maribor's autumn and the kind people made this experience unforgettable.

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