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The first month has passed and now I already know Maribor better! In the last blog I told you about Čajnica pri parku and the park. I hope that you will experience beautiful moments drinking tea and being in nature. We continue with nature. As volunteers, we had the opportunity to go on a hiking tour to Pohorje. Mariborsko Pohorje, together with Areh, is considered to be the largest winter center in Slovenia. With a wide variety of pistes – for beginers and also advanced skiers, Pohorje has especially established itself as a popular family ski resort. In winter, Mariborsko Pohorje offers more than seven kilometers of illuminated ski trails for night skiing. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Pohorje also offers a lot of other different winter activities. We visited Pohorje in October, so we didn't have a chance to ski or anything related to winter sports. But we had an opportunity to see the wonderful nature (forest, hills and a wonderful view of Maribor). We really enjoyed it and spent a wonderful day on the mountain. We will definitely come back a couple of times before the snow, but also during the snow. Bring comfortable shoes and clothes. Get ready to climb and improve your fitness.

PS. The river Drava flows through Maribor and if you enjoy long walks along the river, this is a great opportunity for you. It helps you when you need to clear your head or simply take a walk.

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