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I decided to write a blog for future volunteers and share my experiences about my work and free time. So I'll try to write off as many working and free hours as possible. September is the month of new beginnings and changes!

I think it is important to get to know the city where you will spend a certain number of months.

For the beginning , you just need to breathe and try to find the sun and a couple of local cafes for tea/coffee. Long walks in the park help if nostalgia has come uninvited.

In the following, I will write something more about a wonderful and sweet place called "Čajnica pri parku"

If you love tea and a corner for reading, then this is the right thing for you. The kind people who work there will show you many types of tea, and then comes the most difficult decision of which tea to take and where to sit. In the tea room, you also have books that you can read while drinking your tea.


If you need long walks and a place where you need to clear your thoughts, that is definitely the park. My advice is to bring a blanket and every day find a new place to read or meditate.

PS. The “Pekarna”is a warm and cozy house built with a lot of courage and empathy!

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