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Volunteering adventures in Maribor:
A September recap

The month of September was my first weeks of volunteering at Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže in Maribor, Slovenia.

In the first week (09th to 17th September) upon my arrival, we had our very first meeting at Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže, and to make our volunteer experience even more exciting, we were given bikes to get around in Maribor. One of the first tasks we undertook was to walk around the city and hang posters promoting an upcoming event. One of the highlights of this week was attending the first day of Dokudoc, a documentary film festival that, despite the language barrier on some of the documentaries, I truly enjoyed. I wrapped up the week by attending the last day of Dokudoc.

In the second week (18th to 24th September) I spent a few days in Obrat and learned how to arrange a few things for the exhibition. We also had our first Slovenian lesson. Our task this week was to hang posters of Stoptrik.

The third week (25th of September to 1st of October)was particularly busy and fulfilling because of Stoptrik. I took on various roles to help prepare and decorate the venue for Stoptrik, assisting the cook in preparing the first lunch of the festival. It was heartwarming to see people enjoying the food I helped prepare. On another day, I was adjusting the lighting at a movie screening and also took on the role of handing out ballots and 3D glasses and collecting them. Throughout this week, I continued to spend time in Obrat, often in the late afternoon.

In the final week(2nd to 8th October), our focus shifted to cleaning up the venue after the successful Stoptrik event. After a few days off to rest and recharge, we had a summary session about Stoptrik, reflecting on our experiences.

As I look back on my first month as a volunteer in Maribor, I'm filled with gratitude for the opportunities and unforgettable experiences I've gained.

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