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November in Maribor (and Italy)

Another month has passed, leaving us just two more months to spend in Slovenia. November has been great.

In the beginning, I travelled back to Bologna to -FINALLY- defend my master's thesis. I spent two days with my family and my boyfriend in the city which was my home for 6 years, visiting my favourite spots and my usual bars. While I was gone, the new exhibition in Vetrinjski Dvor by Siryne Eloued and Hamze Chakrouna was inaugurated. Also, there was a great party in Pekarna to celebrate the theatre group, which won three different awards at the Repassage Fest! We were invited to TOTI DCA, a day centre, to speak about our home regions and towns. They were very sweet, and they really liked the snacks we made for them. This month we spent some time in Kibla galleries and we discovered the many services provided by Nova vas library. Did you know they have more than 8000 CDs and 5000 board games you can rent for free? Lazar has now become a pro in setting up the equipment in TRG 9 and Noémie is creating beautiful designs for the Aunt Rosa events.

On the 25th we held the event Reading the Word = Reading the World in Gustaf, where many brilliant guests (Kristina Bozic, Boris Vasev, Žan Dolajš, Alexandria Shanner, Matic Primc, Michele Raffaeli, Peter G Bohmer, Lev Centih, and Craig Murray) discussed editorial policies, press freedom and independent media. There was also a great concert by Damir Avdic, an unstoppable Bosnian performer.

For me, the highlight of the month was the first snow. It made Pohorje look extremely pretty.

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