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August = holidays

August meant holidays. Holidays for me meant a return to my homeland, where my pets, my friends, and my family always await me. And so it was for Lazar and Noemie, who also returned to their countries for joining exciting weddings and parties and to reunite with their cute & lovely cats. Plus, Noemie went and visited Lazar in Sarajevo, adding another new country -and another very long and tedious bus trip- to her travel list after our Croatian trip.

August also means we are in the middle of our ESC volunteering project. Although we did not experience many happenings in Maribor in August, I felt that all that we have lived so far in these last four months really flowed into my time at home. With that, I mean that I was able to appreciate a lot of things that I gave for granted before leaving. To reunite with all my loved ones meant to share with them all the amazing stories and feelings I got in Maribor, and that reminded me what a good choice it was to join PMM!

I look forward to the coming of Autumn, which means hot tea, colorful leaves, and, of course, Stoptrik!

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